Get next-level picking performanceby next week.

Get a Samsung XCover Pro, ProClip mount, and two years of basic service – FREE

These days, essential workers in warehouse and distribution centers have to be safer and more productive than ever. That’s why we created our Wearable Picking Bundle with the market-leading technology you need to get more done, more accurately, and in less time – even with a reduced workforce. The best part? Together, we can deploy a pilot in as little as five days. And we can do it all remotely.

Limited time offer

Powerhouse Partners, Innovative Technology

With partners like Samsung, ProGlove, ProClip, and Ivanti, we’re able to offer a picking bundle that features hands-free scanning, an intuitive interface, and rugged mobile computing – while delivering up to 20% efficiency gains in picking applications. 

Hands-free picking. Hands-off deployment. 

If you need to increase picking performance – and you need to do it now – our Wearable Picking Bundle is your answer. 

Deploy safe, stay safe

Deploy a pilot remotely, in as little as five days, then use ProGlove’s social distancing sensors to keep essential workers safe on the warehouse floor.

Incredible value

Get a cost-effective, complete wearable picking system for the price of a single industrial mobile computer.

Market-leading technology

Take advantage of the industry’s most Innovative picking technology, including a wearable display scanner, all in one bundle.

Ready to take picking to the next level?

Get our Wearable Picking Bundle and get a Samsung XCover Pro, ProClip cart or forklift mount, and two years of basic service – FREE – with your first Wearable Picking Bundle purchase. Fill out the form below to get started.  

Disclaimer: Purchase required. This is a limited time offer from Procensis and only applies to the first bundle purchased. Five-day deployment is an estimate and not a guarantee, as technical requirements may vary. Performance gains will vary by customer. There are no substitutes.