Revving Up Efficiency In The Warehouse

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Dorman Building

Revving Up Efficiency In The Warehouse

Dorman Products, Inc. supplies automotive products and home hardware. The Company distributes automotive and heavy duty replacement parts, fasteners, air suspensions, keyless remotes, window regulators, door lock actuators, loaded knuckles, and other products. Dorman Products serves customers in the United States and Asia.

Dorman Products had implemented a previous voice solution for their distribution centers, but it had not improved accuracy and required intensive training and management. Looking for other solutions, Dorman enlisted Procensis to help.

Opportunities for supply chain productivity come from various sources. We’ll explore how voice, a mix of mobile device types and operating systems are elevating performance across Dorman Products workforce. Spend 40 minutes with us as we walk through the use cases, performance objectives, and solutions that are helping raise productivity for this leading automotive aftermarket parts supplier.

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