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Warminster, PA — May 6, 2021 – Procensis, a leading provider of mobile computing solutions for manufacturing  and distribution centers, announced today that it has selected Oracle NetSuite to enhance internal resources in support of US and International Managed Services customers.

With rapidly increasing volume and velocity of product through the supply chain, Procensis continues to expand services, customers, and mobile technology deployments in warehouses and distribution centers throughout the Americas and Europe. Procensis’ state of the art User Experience coupled with world-class mobile computing and barcode scanning solutions continue to be in high demand, resulting in significant inventory growth with rapid inventory turns.

This growth prompted the company to evaluate  its business systems in order to accommodate expansion and better serve its clients with the outstanding customer experience they expect and enjoy from Procensis.  After careful evaluation of its needs and the available options, Procensis selected Oracle NetSuite  as the partner software to service existing business, new deployments, and expanding international growth.

We believe that it is crucially important that Procensis stay ahead of the curve and continually improve our business processes to ensure our customer’s continued success. Oracle NetSuite is a wholistic solution that provide the insight and critical features that we need to manage our business from initial sales leads all the way to receipt of payment and continuous customer support.

Ed Kennedy

CEO, Procensis

 The implementation of Oracle NetSuite will allow for the following:

  • Rapid implementation without significant investment in hardware and IT resources.
  • Real-time access and visibility for Procensis employees anytime and anywhere.
  • The ability to transact in multiple currencies and multiple tax environments as Procensis considers expansion into Europe.
  • Advanced Inventory Control to anticipate changing customer demands and inventory levels.
  • A unified view of all customer activity that provides insight for all employees, promotes collaboration, and ensures high levels of customer loyalty.

 Procensis’ migration to Oracle NetSuite will commence in May, 2021 and is expected to be fully operational by mid summer.

About Procensis 

Procensis is a leading mobility solutions provider focused on the latest technologies to help you achieve the most effective workflows on the distribution and manufacturing floor.  Our collective experience in the design and deployment enables newfound productivity within your existing warehouse workforce, applying mobile and wearable computing to interface with the leading Warehouse Management Systems.  With ruggedized mobile computing for industry, optimized user interface, and voice-enabled transactions; warehouses using Procensis’ Visual-Voice-Scan solutions can reduce order processing time by up to 30% and achieve 99% accuracy. Wearable computing and scanning provide improved dexterity, reduced distractions, and greater focus contributing to a more safe and satisfying user experience. Moreover, our intuitive solutions enable fast on-boarding with return on investment commencing within minutes.  Procensis can manage the full spectrum of mobile devices, printers, scanners and more. Our all-inclusive managed services offering  ensures operational efficiency for businesses in e-commerce-based distribution, warehousing, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, and other industries.

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