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Procensis, a leader in mobility and network design solutions, has been named the exclusive healthcare industry distributor of the IP blue VoIP softphone and push-to-talk clients.  IP blue of Stuart, FL, is a recognized leader in Voice over IP (VoIP) communications with thousands of installed users in more than 30 countries.

Procensis President Ed Kennedy said, “We are excited to bring IP blue’s proven technology, which has been adopted by major retailers, to the burgeoning healthcare market.  Convergence, or the seamless integration of voice over IP (VoIP) and data communications is the mega-trend in this market. Hospitals, assisted living and long-term patient care facilities are transitioning away from single-purpose phones and moving towards smartphones or tablets that can handle multiple applications.

“The IP blue client is already proven effective in allowing a user to interface with a telephony system thru a mobile device in several other industries. Our experience in the healthcare market will allow adaptation of this technology to meet the specific needs of healthcare users.”

William Mosher, Procensis’ director of Healthcare Practices, explains that the IP blue client provides Procensis with a foundation to design and enhance a unified data/PBX network solution comprising handheld devices that communicate with a common communications protocol such as Cisco’s Call Manager (CUCM).  As a result, a healthcare operation can decrease the total cost of ownership, increase clinical workflow efficiency and flexibility, and improve the patient experience.  Both Procensis and IP blue have certified the client on Zebra MC 40 smartphones, and recently, the Honeywell CT 50.

“Technology companies such as Zebra, Honeywell, IP Blue and others have invested in pushing mobile enterprise class technologies forward during the past 20 years,” notes Mosher.  “We are finally at the point where the OS, hardware and wireless technologies allow us to converge different systems to perform multiple tasks on a single enterprise class device. Our solutions are strategically designed on improving patient care through voice and data-driven devices.

“The chief benefit for the nurse, clinician or the doctor is that he or she can carry one secure device to address any number of daily processes, including electronic healthcare records (EHRs), hospital systems, appointment, scheduling, alarm management, nurse call, and specimen collection.  The need for a tool belt of devices is over.”

IP blue President David Sullivan, “Our relationship with Procensis is both proven and mutually advantageous.  Together, IP blue can stay focused on what we do best, developing the best products, and Procensis can do what it does best.  Its experience with hospital deployments and its engineering expertise in mobile devices, Wi-Fi, mobile device management and networking mean that they are adept at packaging customized applications, providing first- or second-level support, and bringing the best customized solution to each client.”

Mr. Sullivan expects that the forthcoming introduction of cross-platform device support, including Android, IOS and next-generation Windows phones, tablets or PCs, will bring additional benefits for clients since existing devices can be incorporated into enhanced networks, simplifying management and support.

 About Procensis

Procensis is a leading mobility and network design solutions provider focused on the latest network, device and convergence technology to help businesses achieve the most effective workflows, and ultimately, gain a competitive edge.

Its collective experience in the design and deployment of integrated wired and wireless networks is unsurpassed.  That expertise extends to the convergence of data, VoIP, and video which is possible due to today’s high-speed networks as well as the convergence of technologies into multi-modal enterprise devices. Procensis manages the full spectrum of mobile devices — smartphones, tablets, mobile computers, laptops, and more.

Their all-inclusive networking capabilities ensure operational efficiency for businesses in e-commerce-based distribution and warehousing, manufacturing, healthcare and other industries that require large numbers of disparate users with seamless roaming requirements.

Headquartered in Doylestown, PA, Procensis can partner with companies to successfully implement networking and technology unification projects, both large and small.  They work with, or for, a company’s IT department to ensure a synergistic effort.  Additionally, they also work with systems integrators, software and automation companies and third-party logistics firms to achieve the best network solution. For more information, visit the company’s website at www.procensis.com.

 About IP blue

IP blue is an industry leader and innovator specializing in cross-platform development of enterprise-class softphone, push-to-talk and Unified Communications applications. Founded in 2000 as a Cisco Value Added Integrator and a Cisco DevNet partner, IP blue’s core business is developing highly robust software products for desktop, mobile devices, and tablets. IP blue has further carved out a specialty in developing Section 508 compliant accessible products for visually or hearing impaired users.

IP blue holds a strong and loyal customer base in retail, healthcare, government sectors, financial and defense industries. IP blue has also deployed software in over 30 countries. Through the creation of strategic technical alliances and partnerships with hardware, software and cloud-based service providers, IP blue strives in developing solutions to meet corporations evolving business needs.

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