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Inventory Accuracy: When Wasted Time is Money – Seconds Count

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Inventory Accuracy: When Wasted Time is Money – Seconds Count

While inflation, the on-going conflict in Ukraine, and economic uncertainty continue to make headlines, many of the headaches caused by Covid-era supply chain disruptions have subsided. 

Lessons Learned From the Pandemic

The lesson learned by many warehouse managers around the world was that demand flow technology is essential for getting an accurate understanding of inventory levels to be able to meet market demands – whatever levels may exist. 

With supply chain challenges contributing to the recent surge in inflation it’s essential to have a Warehouse Management System that is resilient and prioritizes the employee experience with a User Interface (UI) capable of delivering a real-time, hands free User Experience (UX) that inspires, motivates and engages employees. By using processes and tools that reduce friction and unlock innovation, this empowers both your warehouse team and your entire organization to do their best work.

Will Supply Chain Disruptions Continue?

While disruptions in the supply chain can be unpredictable and devastating, being prepared for anything that might come your way and remaining agile, will not only keep your warehouse operational throughout changing conditions, it will also serve to keep you ahead of your competitors. 

Minimize Supply Chain Disruptions: Know Your Inventory

According to research, 84% of procurement leaders report dealing with supply chain disruptions has been their biggest career challenge to date. 

Wearable barcode scanners when combined with smart technology provide an actionable solution for the warehouse industry to build resilience in the supply chain with better data points that take external factors into consideration. 

With hands free computing that is fast, accurate, safe and efficient, managing your warehouse team and enhancing productivity while knowing the bigger picture in procurement challenges enable warehouse team leaders to plan for challenges instead of simply reacting. Empowering your workforce with technology can help attract and retain talent by

  • A collaborative, customizable UI that improves the UX for your team
  • Stay connected and share better date regarding flow of work
  • Help people feel more fulfilled and engaged with incentivized pay

Lead with Data-driven Decision Making

When paired with an optimized and intuitive interface, wearable scanners can record data points that go beyond simple scanning technology and barcode content such as:

  • Total number of scans
  • Time to process a barcode
  • Total number of steps and operator must take
  • The location of a barcode scan

In addition to device information, wearable scanners provide a wide range of other important data points, making warehouse audits a thing of the past. 

With an optimized interface warehouse the user experience for warehouse workers dramatically improved with:

  • Easy to Read Mobile Screens
  • Custom Keyboards
  • Reduced friction in unnecessary keystrokes
  • Hide Redundant and Unnecessary Fields
  • Customizable, branded screens
  • Increased functionality with value added features 

Using software solutions to analyze this data allows warehouse businesses to acquire a bottom-up perspective on the shopfloor, enabling them to identify hotspots, blockers, outliers, and best practices that drive ROI.

Our collective experience in design and deployment allows your warehouse workforce to be more productive and resilient by utilizing mobile and wearable computing devices to interface with leading warehouse management systems.

Want to learn more about how Procensis can optimize your WMS? Contact us today and schedule a free live demo!

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