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About Procensis

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Leading Mobility Solutions Provider

Procensis is a leading mobility solutions provider focused on the latest technologies to help you achieve the most effective workflows on the distribution and manufacturing floor.  Our collective experience in the design and deployment enables newfound productivity within your existing warehouse workforce, applying mobile and wearable computing  to interface with the leading Warehouse Management Systems.

Warehouse worker or supervisor with barcode scanner.

Mobile Computing for Warehouses

With ruggedized mobile computing for industry, optimized user interface, and voice-enabled transactions; warehouses using Procensis’ Visual-Voice-Scan solutions can reduce barcode scanning speeds up to 30% and achieve 99% accuracy. Wearable computing and scanning provide improved dexterity, reduced distractions, and greater focus contributing to a more safe and satisfying user experience. Moreover, our intuitive solutions enable fast on-boarding with return on investment commencing within minutes.

Full Life-cycle Warehouse Technology Pros

Procensis can manage the full spectrum of mobile devices, printers, scanners and more. Our all-inclusive managed services offering  ensures operational efficiency for businesses in e-commerce-based distribution, warehousing, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, and other industries.

Warehouse worker using scanner