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Visit ProGlove Booth #1908 to see next-generation wearable

Warminster, Pennsylvania: ProGlove, a leader in human-centric industrial wearables  has partnered with Procensis, a leading mobility solutions provider, to introduce the ProGlove MARK Display wearable scanner in North America. The MARK Display is the most compact wearable scanner that also delivers essential information directly to the worker. It’s intuitive high contrast, non-reflective display brings process details to the back of workers’ hands for a real-time, hands-free, data-first approach; providing flexibility and independence for picking, sorting, and sequencing processes.

ProGlove partnered with Procensis due to their depth of experience and associated successes in designing and integrating wearable technology solutions to enable distribution operations to  improve their worker productivity. “We are excited to have Procensis as a partner of ProGlove. Given their expertise in mobile device design solutions for more effective workflows, we know they’ll unlock the amazing potential of our new MARK Display wearable scanner for customers in a wide range of industries. Procensis provides the vision and skillset to bring this new solution to life.” said Charlie Grieco, ProGlove Vice President of Sales, North America.

The Procensis team has run significant trials in their customer solution center with this scanner and is enthused by the MARK Display’s ease of integration into their Visual/Voice/Scan portfolio of solutions. “Using a Procensis developed native Android application and standard tools, we are able to take full advantage of the Mark Display capabilities and incorporate them into our solutions. This wearable display scanner adds powerful functionality to existing business applications and their users, further reducing process steps in picking and other operations.” said Aaron Bolton, Procensis Vice President.

The efficiency and accuracy gains associated with deploying the MARK Display in various distribution workflows, in particular picking,  are significant, but there are other benefits as well. “The talent is no longer burdened by carrying in their hand traditional heavier mobile devices that can lead to fatigue. Repairs on dropped equipment also dramatically decreases. Indirectly Operation Managers are facing significant labor shortages and therefore need modernized technology to retain and attract the needed talent. These days, in heavily concentrated areas of distribution centers, the talent is smart enough to recognize what solutions will allow them to be the most productive, to exceed their labor standards and to make more money.” said Ed Kennedy, Procensis President.

Visit us at ProGlove’s booth (#1901) during MODEX 2020 from March 9th to 12th, where we will be demonstrating the capabilities of the MARK Display.

About Procensis: Procensis is a leading enterprise mobility and network design solutions provider focused on the latest network, device, and convergence technology to help manufacturing, warehouse & distribution, and transportation & logistics customers achieve the most effective workflows, and ultimately, gain a competitive edge. For more information, visit www.procensis.com.