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Seconds Count with Procensis.

The Procensis difference: with easy-to-use, wearable technology and dynamic solutions, we conquer the most challenging workflows on the distribution and manufacturing floor.
  • Simplify Onboarding New Associates
  • Reduce Stress & Injuries with Safe, Hands-Free Wearables
  • Intuitive UI
  • Gain Cost Savings Through Improved Efficiency
  • Increase Workforce Engagement & Team Retention with Gamification

Why Procensis?

Procensis is the premier authority in wearable solutions for distribution and warehousing. With its state-of-the art hardware and UI-centric software products, our feather-weight wearable solutions lead the way in optimization and efficiency. With an abundance of wearable solutions, the Procensis suite of tools is the perfect system for your company and its employees, improving workplace safety and your picker’s efficiency, while also making it easier to recruit and retain valuable employees. 

Mobile Picking and Scanning Solutions

Inspired Teams, Improved Recruitment, & Greater Retention

From planning to ongoing support, we ensure the changing demands of WMS are met by creating the conditions for success. This includes optimizing your workforce and driving team engagement  – not to mention enhanced and gamified productivity.

Our “single-source” solution means extensive resources and relationships across the entire mobility landscape.  We have highly-specialized and premier relationships with the leading vendors that allow us to provide exceptional pricing for our customers.

Wearable Technologies

Mobilize your Warehouse or Distribution Center

Procensis will help you to realize new levels of productivity with a modern, ergonomically sound, and intuitive user experience.


Lightweight, rugged, and ergonomic – our solutions help users across the entire supply chain save crucial seconds per scan.


Forklift-mounted computers and; long-range barcode scanners provide real-time access and; fewer dismounts.

Voice Enabled

Unleash the full potential of your workers with 2-way, real-time voice communication with your Warehouse Management System.

Fast & Accurate

Eliminate unnecessary keystrokes and add intuitive scanning to create speed and accuracy in warehouse transactions.


Implement gamification, the process of adding elements of games to non-game activities, such as picking. Gamification is proven to encourage employee engagement, gratification, and retention.

Smarter Mobility Solutions. Full-Spectrum Support.

With full-spectrum team and resource support, we are prepared for today’s journey and tomorrow’s challenges with industry-defining workflows for asset-intensive and service businesses that depend on fast, accurate, safe, and rugged, wearable solutions.

Our Procensis Help Desk support is available 24×7 – 365 days a year, and is tailored to each customer’s specific requirements, including seasonal and multilingual needs.

Procensis joins partners ProGlove + Ivanti Wavelink at ProMat 2023


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With over 25 years of warehouse, distribution, logistics, and warehouse management system (WMS) experience; Procensis creates outstanding business outcomes delivering improved worker experience,  speed, accuracy, fast onboarding, and safety.

Procensis, Inc.
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