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You don’t need to waste your time and money anymore.

Request a Live Demo Today!

Youb don’t need to waste your time and money anymore.


Mobilize your WMS

Procensis will help you to realize new levels of productivity with a modern & intuitive User Experience


Wearable ruggedized smartphones & tablets free workers hands for all-day comfort, agility, and focus


Forklift-mounted computers & long-range barcode scanners provide real-time access & fewer dismounts

Voice Enabled

Unleash the full potential of your workers with 2-way, real-time voice communication with your Warehouse Management System

Fast & Accurate

Eliminate unnecessary keystrokes & add intuitive scanning to create speed & accuracy in warehouse transactions

Improved Safety

Greater focus, hands-free, disinfection-ready devices, & proximity alerts for fewer crossed paths a healthier workforce

Mobile Picking and Scanning Solutions

Who Can Benefit?


Improved picking & receiving speed with outstanding accuracy


eCommerce growth requires agility & adaptability


Complex supply chains demand easy to deploy solutions


Operations & Data Entry require minimal impact on direct labor

The New Warehouse Podcast w/ Aaron Bolton, Procensis, User Interface Optimization


Honeywell BEYOND Part 1 Warehouse Labor Shortage Ed Kennedy, CEO Procensis, Discusses the labor shortage in warehouses and distribution centers and the new expectations of prospective workers on #HoneywellBEYOND #wearables #mobilecomputer

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With over 25 years of warehouse, distribution, logistics, and warehouse management system (WMS) experience; Procensis creates outstanding business outcomes delivering improved worker experience,  speed, accuracy, fast onboarding, and safety.