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Network Consulting

Today’s businesses are heavily reliant on mission-critical data and connectivity availability and functionality that goes beyond its core competencies. A strategic partner like Procensis ensures that your business is armed with the latest optimized network, device and convergence technology, achieving the most effective workflows, and ultimately, keeping its competitive edge while gaining the best possible experience.

Wired & Wireless

The next-generation wireless networks are now here, and If your network plans call for an upgrade that includes high concentration of roaming mobile devices utilizing  a data-voice-video mix our experienced team can take ownership of entire project, providing a one-source solution for even the most complex project.

Procensis will recommend the best device for the application use case and then configure or recommend the WLAN controller settings to provide seamless data integration.


Assessment begins with careful listening and intelligent fact-gathering.  We want to understand the applications, the logistical and network challenges, and your goals for both the network and for your business.

Our engineers examine every aspect of your enterprise — the devices that will be accessing the network, the network itself, the connectivity goals, the roaming paths, interference, potential security issues, as well as any other obstacles to achieving a quality network and end-user experience.

Survey & Design

Procensis knows the critical nature of every work flow application. We have invested in the tools and software required to design data and mobile voice call (VoIP) ready wireless networks with high quality of service (QOS).  This ensures that our network design recommendation — including all recommended network hardware, wireless devices, operating systems, and device customization – meets your performance goals and application requirements.

Our thorough approach becomes more critical when the wireless network must support greater bandwidth, higher speeds, and a tremendous amount of movement of users between departments.  We will help you define Key Performance Indicators and other metrics that establish the thresholds for success.

Last, but not least, we look for innovative ways to apply new technology to applications in order to improve productivity, lower costs or achieve the best possible ROI.

Recognizing that “the call must go through” in an age of voice-grade wireless and 5GHz video, Procensis’ survey and design expertise and “real-world” experience delivers an integrated solution that will support faster, ever-more-complex applications.


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