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Where in the world is Procensis? Check back often to see where we end up next. Here you can see our latest LIVE! appearances, events, podcasts, and more.

Procensis LIVE! Tailgate Tour

Experience the benefits Procensis Visual-Voice-Scan solutions for yourself, live at your location in our state of the art Mobile Solution Center. Can’t take your workers to events? Procensis will come to you.

The Procensis Mobile Solution Center is equipped with the latest Wearable and Hands-free software and hardware solutions to help you to create warehouse superheroes!

Imagine up to 20% faster transactions, up to 99% accuracy, improved focus for unparalleled safety, and lightning fast onboarding and training.

Request a Live Demo

Request a Live Demo

Procensis LIVE! Tailgate Tour Coming in October, 2021

Would you like us to visit your location so you can experience the benefits of Visual-Voice-Scan? Request a visit using the “Live Demo” button.

Procensis Tailgate Tour Concept